Vanitas Stencil Font Poster
Vanitas Stencil Font Poster
Vanitas Stencil Font Poster
Vanitas Stencil Font Poster
Vanitas Stencil Font Poster
Vanitas Stencil Font Poster
Vanitas Stencil Font Poster

Vanitas Stencil is an elegant high contrast contemporary sans. It is rooted in the style of a classic didone, excluding the typical serifs and ball terminals as well as being designed with a cleaner, more reductionist appearance. Strict attention was given to the cohesiveness and balance between letterforms as well as the careful refinement of all curves. The careful, atypically placed stencil marks compliment Vanitas’ refined character, presenting a distinct slant on the average stencil treatment.
Stylistically, Vanitas Stencil’s alluring, sophisticated sensibility is directly inspired by high fashion. The upright styles are complimented by a pairing of optically adjusted true italics, which were purposefully adapted to retain the sharpness of their counterparts. Abandoning traditionally executed cursive italic letterforms retains Vanitas Stencil’s distinct characteristic through each style.

Foundry: AE Type Inc.
Share: t f p
Released:February 22, 2012
Style: Stencil
Licenses: Z W M m

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