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Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster
Peoni Font Poster

Peoni is sweet and quirky and distinctly different.  Her hand-lettered glyphs have retained their original textured appearance for an even more authentic custom-lettering feel.

With over 1200 glyphs, Peoni is robust and full of open-type features.  She’s designed to select the most ideal characters as you type.  But feel free to make changes via your open-type panel, glyphs panel or character map.  Have fun with it!  There are plenty of options to allow you to create something truly unique and special.

Peoni’s Open-Type features include:
Stylistic Sets*, including 6 different Caps Styles
Contextual Alternates
Standard Ligatures
Discretionary Ligatures
Contextual Swashes
Tabular Numbers
Proportional Old Style Numbers
Extras- Stylized words (i.e. and, the, from, etc), Roman Numerals (I, V and X), Ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

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Foundry: Emily Lime Design
Share: t f p
Released:March 22, 2012
Styles: Dingbat, Script, Modern Calligraphy
Licenses: Z W M m

The Peoni Family


2 font family. This contains every font in the Peoni Family.

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Contextual Alternates
Contextual Swash
Discretionary Ligatures
Standard Ligatures
Lining Figures
Oldstyle Figures
Stylistic Set 1
Stylistic Set 2
Stylistic Set 3
Stylistic Set 4
Stylistic Set 5
Stylistic Set 6
Stylistic Set 7
Stylistic Set 8
Stylistic Set 9
Stylistic Set 10
Stylistic Set 11
Stylistic Set 12
Stylistic Set 13
Stylistic Set 14
Stylistic Set 15
Stylistic Set 16
Stylistic Set 17
Stylistic Set 18
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Dingbat Font Specimen
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Font Phrases
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16pt paragraph
Non-Latin Font Specimen
Peoni Glyph Map
Peoni Opentype Map

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