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FR Hopper is the biggest release of Faberfonts Foundry since its opening. The project started as a quest for cool and neutral thin sans capital forms and proportions more than a year ago. Till then lot of things have changed and have been added and the project have grown into a project as complex and prolonged as nothing else before here in the studio of Faberfonts.

FR Hopper is a sans based on geometric forms still having a friendly personality. It is inteneded for mid-lenght texts, captions, titles and almost any other occasinal use - posters, flyers and even for web sites.
FR Hopper comes in 7 weights, 12 styles with 836 glyphs - that means 10 032 glyphs ready to use for your projects - and many advanced OT-features such as small caps, discetionary ligatures, alternate characters, fractions, arrows, ornaments and more - in all styles. It supports Extended Latin-A and Latin-B character sets and more that 100 languages.

Italics are based on carefully slanted roman versions but come with many cursive characters drawn from the ground up. It gaves enought difference to the italics to stand out successfully from the romans - or attract by their own charm.

All the styles are hand-kerned carefully.

As two of the styles - FR Hopper 430 and 431 - comes as free fonts, you can download and test these before deciding to buy any other styles.

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Foundry:Faberfonts Type Foundry
Released:October 5, 2010
Style: Sans Serif
Licenses: Z

The FR Hopper Family


12 font family. This contains every font in the FR Hopper Family.

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