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Le Havre Titling Font Poster
Le Havre Titling Font Poster
Le Havre Titling Font Poster
Le Havre Titling Font Poster
Le Havre Titling Font Poster
Le Havre Titling Font Poster

Throughout time, history’s architects have incorporated some of the finest illustrations of type into their great works—cuneiform on Mesopotamian ziggurats; Greek etched into the temples of the gods; inscriptions marking the monuments of mighty Rome. From these Roman inscriptions specifically, we take our capital letters of today; and while we’ve lost the need for serifs over time, our current characters maintain the classical foundations, even after being distilled to their simplistic forms.

Here’s where we have the basis for Le Havre Titling. This updated face is a carefully optimized version of Le Havre that uses purely capital lettering. Originally inspired by the golden period of the passenger ship and the French port that bid a rich bon voyage to so many famed, luxurious ocean liners of the Roaring Twenties and Thirties, the typeface includes an exciting array of ligatures that brings it into the present day and gives designers a tremendous amount of versatility in their work. With its seven weights, Titling looks equally at home on the side of a building as it does in a finely crafted invitation.

With over five hundred glyphs, Le Havre Titling offers a multiplicity of options for your projects. Combine ligatures, play around with two sets of art deco forms, use original caps, and more; every one of these is obtainable with the OpenType functionality. The new design also shares five weights with the original Le Havre, allowing you to maximize your potential through its interchangeability. Titling’s Thin weights are delicate but not too fragile, and its geometric forms give each individual composition you create an exquisite and beautiful sense of emotion. Without a doubt, this fresh, fashionable take on the classical forms offers your reader refined, yet unanticipated approach as he or she travels through your text.

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Foundry: Insigne Design
Share: t f p
Released:November 17, 2009
Styles: Display Sans, Art Deco
Licenses: Z W M m

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