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Happy Holly Day

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Happy Holly Day is a novelty font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by FontMesa.

Happy Holly Day


A two font family. This contains every font in the Happy Holly Day Family.

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Happy Holly Day Regular


Happy Holly Day Fill



Happy Holly Day is a playful and fun Christmas style font revival, many new characters have been added to make this font complete plus a new Fill font is included.

In order to take advantage of Fill fonts you will need an application that allows you to work in layers.

When you see the word Fill in a fonts name this describes its purpose which means the font is intended to be used for filling in the open space of its parent font or the Open faced shadowed version from that font family or group.
Layering a fill font behind an open faced font will prevent the background from showing through the center of the open faced font.

Adding gradient color or texture to the fill font will further enhance your lettering and create a headline that visually stands out from the rest of the page.

Some Fill fonts look as if they may be used as stand alone fonts but others simply do not look good used as a plain font. The Happy Holly Day Fill font was not designed to work as a regular or stand alone font.

Foundry FontMesa
Price $30.00
Style Novelty
Licenses Desktop
Web Font