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Designed by Missy Meyer, Candlepin is a monograms and hand display font published by Missy Meyer.


Candlepin Regular


Monograms are cool, but sometimes they can be a bit too formal. Too fancy. Dare I say it? A bit stuffy. I wanted to create a monogram font that was a little lighter-hearted and fun, and Candlepin was the result!

The font file contains two sets of capital letters: larger (uppercase A-Z) and smaller (lowercase a-z), as well as two sets of numbers: larger (0-9) and smaller (shift + 0-9). There are also 20 frame and graphic options mapped to every single other piece of puncutation I could find on the keyboard!

Creating a monogram is as easy as: [aBc—Just type the punctuation for the frame you want, then three letters in lowercase, uppercase, and lowercase. Boom, you have a cool and funky monogram, good for 1,001 household uses!

(And never fear—I’ve included a PDF guide with a chart that shows you every frame and graphic option, and which punctuation characters to type in to get them!)

Monograms aside, Candlepin also serves as two full usable monospace alphabets. Need your letters to stack neatly vertically, but you’re bored with those typewriter-style fonts? Want a little fun in your spreadsheets? Making a fun word-search puzzle? Candlepin can do it all. :)

Your Candlepin download includes:
- 26 large letters, 26 small letters, 10 large numbers, 10 small numbers
- A large ampersand (mapped to the comma) and a period (mapped to the period)
- 18 full monogram frames, plus 2 left- and right-side graphics
- Fully PUA-encoded for easy character map / font book / glyphs access

Foundry Missy Meyer
Price $12.00
Fontspring Debut2018
Styles Hand Display, Monograms
Designer Missy Meyer
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad