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Designed by Donald Tarallo, Binario is a display sans font family. This typeface has six styles and was published by Tarallo Design.

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A six font family. This contains every font in the Binario Family.

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Binario Light

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Binario Light Italic

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Binario Regular

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Binario Italic

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Binario Bold

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Binario Bold Italic

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Binario is a geometric sans serif typeface. It was designed to offer 
a warm personality. It comes in three weights (light, regular, and bold) with matching obliques. Its simple, compact, and tightly cornered forms lend themselves well to screen-reading.

Italian Art Deco and early 1900s advertising and shop signage were the inspiration for Binario. It also to pays homage to early modernism’s optimism, modularity, and efficiency. The shape of the rounded counters are based on the curve of the classic Roman arch. The bold has a vertical emphasis and is suitable for headlines or large body text. The light is more open and provides a nice pairing to the regular or bold weights as body text or as large display text. It comes with a small set of dingbats; an arrow, a printer’s fist, a train, some flowers, and several interface icons.

Binario has a sibling—Binario Soft, which is a gently rounded version for a warmer impression.

Foundry Tarallo Design
Price $5.50
Style Display Sans
Designer Donald Tarallo
Licenses Desktop
Web Font

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