Mikkel Script

Designed by Nils Thomsen, Mikkel Script is a brush script font family. This typeface has five styles and was published by TypeMates.


Mikkel Script Thin


Mikkel Script Light


Mikkel Script Regular


Mikkel Script Bold


Mikkel Script Black


Mikkel is a smooth and goofy script font with an easygoing attitude. A brushy script for anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Mikkel is the cheeky joker in TypeMates’ font library and the best buddy of expressive typography at large sizes.

And Mikkel is a double act. Along with its expressive connected script style, Mikkel has a ‘sans’ with a disconnected lowercase that allows it to pull off more tricks. As Mikkel’s script forms work their magic in logos and lettering, Mikkel Sans makes sure any additional text is clear and complementary.

Mikkel’s uppercase is pretty swashy so we designed its small caps to be a little more restrained for all caps settings — keeping Mikkel’s soul and providing typographic contrast. Smart OpenType features take Mikkel back to its lettering roots; alternate characters ensuring tricky combinations and double letters stay smooth, smart and sunny.

An exuberant and bouncy typeface that’s full of fun at large sizes, Mikkel is also serious when it comes to your workflow. With over 1000 glyphs per font, huge Latin language support, OpenType features to give text the flow of lively lettering and with many typographic goodies like small caps, oldstyle and tabular numerals, Mikkel’s got it where it counts.

Da capo! Mikkel is extended with cartoonish icons to spice it up! We do not want to praise this goofy brush script too much but, c’mon, if you like eating ice cream in the sun, go with Mikkel.

Foundry TypeMates
Price $34.00
Style Brush Script
Designer Nils Thomsen
Licenses Desktop
Web Font
Digital Ad