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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

The Latest

Sofia Pro by Mostardesign

Sofia Pro

Sofia Pro Sample

Sofia Pro is a complete redesign of Sofia initially designed in 2008. It is a workhorse geometric sans with subtle nuance and a significant variety of weights.

Sofia Pro 16 Fonts $33 Single $324 Family Preview Online

Flexo by Durotype


Flexo Sample

Flexo is a synthesis of the geometric and the humanistic. It has both mathematical straightforwardness, and humanistic refinement making it stand out in many uses.

Flexo 16 Fonts $51 Single $259 Family Preview Online

Peoni Pro by Emily Lime Design

Peoni Pro

Peoni Sample

Peoni is a sweet and quirky handlettered font with flair. With a textured appearance and 1200 glyphs, Peoni will give you an authentic custom-lettering feel.

Peoni Pro 1 Font $58.50 Preview Online

Centima by TipografiaRamis


Centima Sample

Centima is a geometric sans serif family in six styles. The clean lines and compact form make this font an interesting choice for headlines.

Centima 6 Fonts $38 Single $182 Family Preview Online

The Notable

Liquid Calligraphy




Handmade Type


Ruslan Khasanov has created some really interesting stop motion animations involving letters painted on a liquid surface. Be sure to watch the Vimeo video as well.

Yo Freckles is a collaborative typeface currently in production. The website however is a typographic treat and it scrolls and scrolls.

Tien-Min Liao creates some really interesting animations involving upper and lowercase letters painted on hands.