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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

The Latest

Mandevilla by Laura Worthington



Laura Worthington keeps up the cute with her latest, Mandevilla. Lots of curls, a ton of alternate glyphs and a very sweet flavor will make this unique family a useful addition to your font list.

Mandevilla 3 Fonts $29 Single  $75  $29 Family Preview Online

Barmbrack by Blue Vinyl Fonts



Blue Vinyl impresses again with this beautiful display font called Barmbrack. Inspired by decorative Victorian showcard lettering, it's flowing lines and slight whimsy makes this a great font for setting titles. The family includes a small caps variant as well as a complete set of matching ornaments.

Barmbrack 5 Fonts $20 Single $40 Family Preview Online

Capita by Hoftype



Hoftype, with a strong portfolio of text faces, delivers another variation in Capita. This warm face with slab-like serifs has a full complement of weights, italics, small caps and number style variants.

Hoftype 12 Fonts $49 Single (1 Free) $198 Family Preview Online

Cultura New by DSType

Cultura New


Cultura New from DSType is an old-style text face with a few non-traditional characteristics. Generous x-height and a nice range of weights and styles make this a hard-working family.

Cultura 10 Fonts $40 Single $240 Family Preview Online

Azo Sans by RType

Azo Sans

Azo Sans

Inspired by the constructivist typefaces of the 1920's, RType's new Azo Sans uses geometry (particularly the Golden Section) to develop the family's structure. Nuanced in the right places, Azo Sans is warmer and friendlier than other geometric sans.

Azo Sans 12 Fonts $35 Single $294 Family Preview Online

Foundry Highlights

New Foundry:


New Badge We are thrilled to partner with Schizotype and offer his amazing collection of display and script fonts. You've only got a couple of days to take advantage of a special introductory offer of 25% off all his families. Expires February 1st. Don't miss it!

Quality Foundry:

Exljbris Font Foundry

Quality BadgeExljbris fonts are a staple in many designer libraries. His fonts combined with his no-nonsense, easy going attitude have endeared us to him. If you don't know what we're talking about, go, right now and download some of his free fonts. You will be just as hooked as we are.

Sale Highlights

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The Mailbox

"I'm sure you already know this, but your licensing is freaking awesome, and super classy. Thanks for being a great company."

Mark -

"Finally! Someone who understands there's a market for high-quality fonts with reasonable license terms for ebooks."

Rob -

"I must say, getting this license has been a breath of fresh air!"

Dan Burzynski - MOO.COM

"I had problems with my blog (declaring some custom fonts) and went online to research the issue. I found Fontspring's video but had some further Qs and contacted Fontspring support team. Dan was very helpful and did a lot to help me resolve my issue. I would happily recommend them."

Pavlin Penchev (United Kingdom)

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The Notable

Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

Ebook Shop

Ebook Shop

Below The Boat

The Boat

This amazing demo site by developer Jongmin Kim showcases a collection of interactive experiences created purely in HTML 5. Warning! Visiting may consume a good portion of your day. Enter at your own risk.

"Face it—eBook sales are up, analog eBook sales are down. Pretty soon collectors are going to realize that normal people no longer share their bourgeois fascination with things like the bittersweet aroma of ink on paper, or the satisfying heft of a classic hardcover, or the fact that books don’t randomly turn off when you forget to charge them".

Robbie and Kara Johnson recently started selling these incredibly detailed, wooden topographic maps of water bodies. Charting the east and west coast of the US as well as many lakes, you'll find something here you suddenly "need".