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The Latest

Ollie by Schizotype


Ollie Sample

A casual signage script whose friendly, bouncy exterior belies a heart of unbelievable, sophisticated OpenType programming.

Ollie 1 Font $60 Preview Online

Hand Gothic by JCfonts


Hand Gothic Sample

Hand Gothic is one of the nicer condensed handdrawn typefaces we’ve added recently. It is available in two weights and makes a great web headline face.

Hand Gothic 2 Fonts $28 Single $42 Family Preview Online

Foro Rounded by Hoftype

Foro Rounded

Foro Rounded Sample

Foro Rounded is the softer sister of the successful Foro family from Hoftype. High production value, broad language support and useful OpenType features make this family a winner.

Foro Rounded 16 Fonts $39 Single $198 Family Preview Online

Brandon Text by HVD Fonts

Brandon Text

Brandon Text Sample

Brandon Text is the companion of the famous Brandon Grotesque type family. It has a higher x-height than the Grotesque version and is optimized for long texts, small sizes and screens.

Brandon Text 12 Fonts $40 $28 Single $249 $175 Family Preview Online

The Highlights


Number Five

By Laura Worthington

Number Five Font

2 fonts for $25 ( 50% off! )


By Yellow Design Studio


6 fonts for $29 ( 25% off! )


By Yellow Design Studio

Magesta Small Sample

4 fonts for $25 ( 25% off! )


By Graviton

Number Five Font

4 fonts for $8 ( 90% off! )


Aloha Script

By Borges Lettering & Design


2 fonts for $79



By K-Type


6 fonts for $35

The Notable

Stately Font

Symbol Font

Sign Exchange

Signs For
The Homeless

Harriet Series

I Love

Stately is a font and CSS combo system that makes it easy to create a custom map of the United States. Each state can be styled independently and stays sharp as a tack as it scales.

Signs for the Homeless is a wild Tumblr by artists Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope, who exchange cardboard signs from homeless people with beautiful hand-painted ones.

Jackson Cavanaugh of The Okay Type Foundry built one of the most impressive web font specimens we’ve encountered. This one-page showcase of his Harriet font family is a feast for the eyes.