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by Hoftype


Known for his Serif Fonts, Hoftype’s font catalogue has many winners in that category. Pesaro is less well-known than its siblings, but has just as much style and versatility. A more modern variant, Pesaro also comes equipped with a myriad of extra features, making it a very usable text typeface for any application.


Candy Script
by Sudtipos


Thick, chunky brush scripts are hard to pull off, but Sudtipos shows he has what it takes. Just enough flair without going too crazy, Candy Script has variants for just about every letter, making it especially suited to short phrases and headlines.


Beaufort Pro
by Shinntype


In sharp contrast to the other two fonts, Beaufort is full of pointed intersections between its lines. This has the effect of not only making it clean and pleasing for text, but also allows it to blow up to very large sizes and still keep its cutting edge.

Fontspring, 3906 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803

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