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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

The Latest

Frido Narrow by Gunnar Link

Frido Narrow is a friendly, warm slab serif tightly spaced for headline use.


Frido Sample

Frido Narrow One Font $38 Preview Online

Classic Round by Durotype

Classic Round is a friendly, versatile slab serif font with a generous x-height. Seven weights with italics gives you flexibility in any project. Medium weight is FREE!

Classic Round

Classic Round Sample

Classic Round 14 Fonts $51 Single $233 Family Preview Online

Gilman by Miller Type Foundry

Gilman is a serif family with a very lyrical, hand-crafted quality. Designed to exude a human touch, Gilman is useful for getting a unique old-style feeling for your project.


Gilman Sample

Gilman Four Fonts $37.70 Single $128.70 Family Preview Online

The Notable


Copy Paste




TypeCon 2011
New Orleans

Some font glyphs are nearly impossible to insert in text. allows you to select the glyph you want and it will copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting.

Letterheady is an archive of stationery used by interesting people throughout history. Collection includes Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Bill Watterson and many more.

Fontspring is proud to sponsor this year's TypeCon held in New Orleans. We look forward to meeting you there.