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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

The Latest

Pluto by HVD Fonts

Pluto is a sweet type family of 16 fonts. The fonts are informal and friendly lending themselves to display settings.


Pluto Sample

Pluto 16 Fonts $52 Single $389 Family Preview Online

Savigny by Insigne Design

Designed from the very beginning as a webfont, the font is open, with a tall x-height and with generous letter spacing.


Savigny Sample

Savigny 12 Fonts $28.60 Single $197.60 Family Preview Online

Kirimomi Geometric by Wordshape

Kirimomi Geometric is a sans serif inspired by early geometric typefaces and the horizontal directionality of phototype text, yet designed to render immaculately on-screen and in print.

Kirimomi Geometric

Kirimomi Geometric Sample

Gilman One Fonts FREE Preview Online

The Notable


Vernacular Typography Polaroids


CSS Hyphenation, Finally


Are Made

This is a beautiful collection of polaroids taken over eight years of mostly hand-painted signs across the United States. Take a look.

With the arrival of Firefox 6 and Safari 5.1, hyphenation has finally come to the web. The good folks at Fontdeck have the scoop.

Some simple, clever type-art from David Schwen. See also his other humorous work "Type Sandwiches."