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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

The Latest

Sina Nova by Hoftype

Sina Nova

Sina Nova Sample

Sina Nova is a strong, sturdy and self-confident serif face. Distinct ascenders and descenders in classical proportions ensure pleasant reading. Robust but assertively warm, it recalls and references the virtues of early classical printing types but presents a distinctly contemporary look. It is great for headlines and in larger styles but with its even text flow is works very well for long texts. An extended, finely tuned range of weights renders it suitable for almost every application.

Sina Nova 12 Fonts $64 Single $258 Family Preview Online

Clio by Letype


Clio Sample

Clio is a technical humanist sans with a large number of weights including both true italics and obliques.

Clio 24 Fonts $77 Single $506 Family Preview Online

Bombshell Pro by Emily Lime Design

Bombshell Pro

Bombshell Pro Sample

Bombshell Pro is a passionate hand-calligraphy font that includes long connections between letters so you can create beautiful headings or signature looks.

Bombshell Pro 1 Font $71 Preview Online

Argumentum by Kostic Type Foundry


Argumentum Sample

Argumentum is another technical humanist sans with a warm feeling, balanced between hard geometric shapes and friendly curves with slightly narrower endings.

Argumentum 12 Fonts $52 Single $338 Family Preview Online

The Notable

Eric Gill - Gill Sans

Eric Gill

Type Connection

Type Connection

Twenty-Six Types


Eye Magazine took some photos of Eric Gill’s original drawings while they were on display at the GF Smith in London. Fascinating look at a timeless classic.

Aura Seltzer created this short type matching game for her MFA thesis project. Learn some strategies for pairing typefaces by playing along.

Craig Hazan’s site is a curated collection of beautiful letters. Each photo is of a single letter and makes for some inspiring browsing.