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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

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Grafolita Script by RType


Grafolita Script 3 fonts $35 Single $99 Family Preview Online

Kefa II Pro by Jeremie Hornus

Kefa Ii Pro

Kefa II Pro 16 fonts $30 $3 Single $300 $30 Family Preview Online

Centrale Sans Rounded by Typedepot

Centrale Sans Rounded

Centrale Sans Rounded 13 fonts $19 Single $125 Family Preview Online

The Notable

Pixel Painter

Pixel Painter

Books Missing Titles

Book Titles
Missing One Letter

Typeface Pronunciation

European Typeface

Former lettering artist, legally blind, 97 year-old Hal Lasko started painting on the computer 15 years ago. His tool of choice? Windows Paint. This mini-documentary will completely make your day.

Trending on twitter recently: #bookswithalettermissing. User @darth started illustrating the entries and they are hilarious. This site collected 20 of the best ones.

C'mon, tell the truth. You don't really know how to pronounce Neue Helvetica do you. Well, no more excuses. Ralf Herrmann records Europeans pronouncing a bunch of typefaces you probably say wrong.