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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

The Latest

Uninsta by The Northern Block


Uninsta is the latest sans from the prolific Northern Block foundry. Sometimes you need a sans with character and this one has it in spades. Full of OpenType features and kerning pairs with nine weights make this a workhorse family. And 18 fonts for $28? You know what to do...

Uninsta 18 fonts $32 $4 Single $279 $28 Family Preview Online

Directors Cut Pro by Type Innovations

Directors Cut Pro

Directors Cut Pro fits a unique profile not seen in many serif fonts. It has a sweetness, a charm that warms up the text without overdoing it. Type Innovations built a winner but we'd love to see it in a broader range of weights (hint hint!).

Directors Cut Pro 6 fonts $69 $14 Single $169 $34 Family Preview Online

Chameleon by Fontforecast


Offering families of coordinating fonts is a growing trend. Building on that theme, Chameleon has three families on completely different wavelengths that work and play together really well. And you can't beat the introductory pricing on this one.

Chameleon 16 fonts $10-$30 Single $74 $37 Family Preview Online

Industry by Hold Fast Foundry


This crisp mechanical sans takes us back in time to a harder, grittier era. A solid family for hip and trendy logo work, Industry should fit nicely in your font toolbox.

Industry 12 fonts $29 $15 Single $99 $50 Family Preview Online

The Notable


The Type Fight


In a Brush


Football as Football

The Type Fight features some talented illustrators duking it out with fancy drop caps. Go to the site, marvel at their awesomeness and vote on your favorites. A fun 3-minute diversion.

In a Brush is a photo Tumblr featuring sketches of some renowned lettering artists. Showcasing the raw initial attempts, this 3-minute stop will make you wish you could draw with a brush.

Nothing is more American than the NFL. But this team of designers thought it'd be fun to reimagine NFL logos as if it were a European soccer team. Somewhat mindbending for us Yanks.