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intro rust
intro rust intro rust intro rust
Intro Rust Complete by Fontfabric
With a staggering 214 fonts all made to go together, Intro Rust is a dream for designers who want to quickly create high quality designs without having to find multiple complimentary families. Multiple layers, styles, shadows, effects, and extras all combine to create a highly versatile family, another in the great Fontfabric lineup.
Intro Rust Complete 214 Fonts $490 - Family Preview Online
averta averta averta
Averta by Kostas Bartsokas
A clean Geometric Sans with just enough character to stand out, Averta is a great choice for designers looking to have a workhorse sans that isn’t already everywhere. Packed full of Opentype features and a variety of weights, Averta can go just about everywhere, and look good doing it.
Averta 16 Fonts $20 - Single $119 - Family Preview Online
velvet berries
velvet berries velvet berries
Velvet Berries by Sweet Type
Velvet berries is a great addition to the fast-growing Modern Calligraphy trend. It adds just a touch of formality to a very casual design, and so works across everything from menus to invitations, birthday cards to logos. More interesting though, is the novel way Sweet Type included the swashes and swirls. Using extra fonts to switch between the features removes the need for programs that support advanced opentype features, and makes it easily accessible for everyone.
Velvet Berries 5 Fonts $15 - Family Preview Online
$35 $175
Core Sans E
Ends Sept 18
$12 $120
Ends Sept 30
$16 $160
Halis Rounded
Ends Sept 25
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