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nexa script
nexa script nexa script nexa script
Nexa Script by Fontfabric
From its sans serif origins, Nexa has grown into a powerhouse font name, and for good reason. If you were blown away by Nexa Rust Script, but wanted something cleaner to add to your toolbox, this is the font for you. Made to pair with the original Nexa and Nexa Slab, Nexa Script is another winner by Fontfabric.
Nexa Script 6 Fonts $40 - Single $90 $18 - Family On Sale until Oct 23rd!
pontiac pontiac pontiac
Pontiac by S&C Type
A sans font with geometric influences that the foundry calls “somewhere between Akzidenz Grotesk and Neutra.” This font strikes that delicate balance well and would fit just about anywhere you need something more contemporary looking. On your continuing search to find another sans to add to your catalog, you’d be remiss not to take a good hard look at Pontiac.
Pontiac 8 Fonts $12 - Single $59 - Family Preview Online
lolapeluza lolapeluza lolapeluza
Lolapeluza by Rodrigo Typo
Lolapeluza, a display font with an inline version as well as fantastic shading, is one of those fonts that makes you think up a host of designs just by looking at it. It’s less of a font that you put anywhere, and much more an inspiration. If that’s a feeling you get just by looking at these posters, you really should grab it while it’s still on sale for the rest of the week.
Lolapeluza 4 Fonts $45 $22.50 - Single $90 $45 - Family On Sale until Oct 7th!
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