Fontspring's November 2015 Typeface Review
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Jollygood Proper
JollyGood Proper by Pixilate
JollyGood Proper is an evolution from an earlier Pixilate font, JollyGood Sans. A fun and quirky font, it’s very easy to fit in any kind of children’s themed creation. You can see it used in a variety of ways with our frozen treats theme. The breadth of weights allows it this flexibility; a feature many display fonts do not have.
JollyGood Proper 16 Fonts $18 $4.50 - Single $149 $37.25 - Family On Sale until Nov 30th!
Acumin Pro
Acumin Pro by Adobe
A new font by veteran designer Robert Slimbach, Acumin is a neo-grotesque font that focuses on text rather than display. Do yourself a favor and look at the type specimen at smaller sizes on the font family page. Acumin manages to bring a bit of warmth to a normally very cold genre of fonts, but retains that neutral look that allows it to fit just about anywhere.
Acumin Pro 90 Fonts $35 - Single $780 - Family Preview Online
Capitolina by Typefolio
Capitolina is a modern take on 19th century Clarendon types. It has a unique flair that we highlighted in our fake diner menu. However, it can function equally well as a logo or text, as in our example. Besides its versatility, the family is also set apart by its italics and the ampersand; both are unusual but do not detract from the overall look. Capitolina is a great serif if you are looking to branch out.
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