If you’re looking to set yourself apart in design by having high quality fonts that aren’t over-used, this is the place for you.
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Fellowship by Canada Type
A calligraphic text font from Canadatype, Fellowship has Renaissance influences that are beautiful but subtle enough that you can use this font in multiple areas. Need a readable sign that gives a premium feel? Fellowship would be a fantastic replacement, especially if you have clients that are tempted to use other overused fonts like Papyrus.
Fellowship 1 Font $24.95 Preview Online
Kizo by The Northern Block
Condensed display sans are everywhere, but it feels like you only see 2 or 3 different fonts in those areas. Want to get that look with something unique? Try Kizo. 4 weights with alternates and ligatures. Everything you need, without the bloat of a giant family.
Kizo 4 Fonts $29 - Single $89 - Family Preview Online
Mr and Mrs Peter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter by Khaito Gengo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter combine two handwritten styles with added dingbats in a very creative and whimsical union. Great for anything with a casual or kids theme, these two fonts work well together to give variety to your designs. If you’re stuck with the same handdrawn fonts for your posters, give this cute combo a try!
Mr. and Mrs. Peter 5 Fonts $23/$28/$8 - Single $55 - Family Preview Online
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