Many words come to mind when thinking about the 54 font Artegra Sans family - Workhorse, Corporate, Versatile. Get great company branding without breaking the bank!

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | March 2017

Artegra Sans - A Little Something For Everyone

Artegra Sans Poster

Workhorse, corporate, versatile, buy-it-once-and-use-it-everywhere. We throw a lot of terms around to describe a certain kind of font, the kind that big corporations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have designed for them, and it’s the topic of today’s Underlined. Today we’re talking about Artegra Sans, your way to get great company branding without breaking the bank. Simply put, Artegra Sans has everything you need for your company in a single family.

Pick up the 54 font family for $115

Artegra Sans Poster
Artegra Sans Sample Text

First, it’s interesting. If a font isn’t interesting, there’s no reason you should use it over some of the high quality free sans families out there, or even the fonts that come built-in on your computer. If your one goal is to have something that blends in and is never, ever noticeable, you shouldn’t bother. If though, you want something that looks a little different, and something that will bring some interest to your designs or your memos, Artegra Sans is a great place to start.

Artegra Sans Poster

The second point is related; Artegra Sans is not everywhere. In fact, it isn’t anywhere yet. It just came out today! That means your company can adopt a style that grows with it, that it can come to be known for. This is the kind of brand identity that big companies shell out 6 digits for, and you can use it on whatever you want - for far less.

Artegra Sans Poster

There’s also enough to the family that anyone can find a font that fits their needs. You have thin to heavy weights in 3 widths, totaling 54 fonts in all. Not only that, each font has a small caps and alt version available upon request, allowing your team to use the fonts that best fit a given application, no OpenType features needed.

Artegra Sans Poster

All in all, you get a useful font with a wealth of options that your company can use to stand out from the competition. At only $5 per weight for the desktop license, it's the kind of font that any company can make use of, big or small. Here’s a test: Grab the regular weight for $5 and switch it with the font in the last document you typed up. You really have nothing to lose and I bet you’ll find you look at old documents with new interest. That’s the kind of impact that a visual refresh can make and it’s all available to you with Artegra Sans.

Artegra Sans Poster

Grab the 54 font family for $115

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