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The ins and outs of licensing and using fonts!

Pageview FAQs

Some webfont licenses are available with pageview limitations. Unlimited licenses are still available in the shopping cart, but we are offering a more affordable option with some limits for those of you on a budget. But don’t worry! For most of the fonts, the limit starts at half of a million… much more than you will probably need. If you are using webfonts for the first time, you may not be familiar with this term, how to measure them, or how many pageviews you should purchase. Below are some FAQs that may help.

What are pageviews?
Pageviews are a unit used to measure the traffic of your webpages. Most hosting services provide free tools to measure pageviews. Google Analytics is a popular service that is free, easy to install and will provide you with pageview data along with a host of other site metrics.

How long do my pageviews last?
Pageviews are traditionally measured monthly. Therefore, our limits are monthly as well. At the end of the month, your pageviews reset to zero. As long as you don’t exceed the monthly pageview limit on your receipt, you never never need to pay another dime.

How long is my license good for?
All licenses on Fontspring are perpetual. In other words, you buy it once and use it forever.

Can I use the web fonts on multiple sites?
Yes. As long as the total number of pageviews for all the webpages that the webfont is installed on is less than your pageview limit.

I am a website designer, can I use it on multiple clients sites?
Yes. As long as the total number of pageviews for all the webpages that the webfont is installed on is less than your pageview limit.

How many pageviews should I buy?
If you aren’t sure, you probably only need to buy the minimum amount. The smallest amount we offer is half of a million which covers 99.9% of webfont users. For example, scarymommy.com, a popular mommy blog claims to have 2.5 million pageviews per month. Another example, our own Font Squirrel website gets about 6 million. Those are extreme examples. If you aren’t a Pinterest, Font Squirrel, or a trendy mommy blog, you are probably in good shape. And when your sites do get that successful, you should have a developer that can take a peek at your pageviews occasionally.

What if I need more than the minimum amount?
Once you add a license to your cart, in the cart view, you can change the limits and click update. All of our web font licenses also have an unlimited option that can be chosen in the cart as well.

What if I go over my limit?
There isn’t any spying or monitoring going on here. Fonts are used on an honor system. If you go over your limit, contact Fontspring and ask to upgrade. It will be an easy process.

Updated on September 16, 2019