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The ins and outs of licensing and using fonts!

Troubleshooting Webfonts

Open-type features

So you just bought your first font and some of the characters look different than the samples. The culprit is probably Open-type features. Software often vary in what they have turned on by default. In this video, I explain how to manage which features are turned on in the most common software programs such as Adobe and Microsoft products.

Webfonts are not loading in any browser

Webfonts are not loading in Firefox

Webfonts are not loading in IE9

Webfonts are not loading in Safari

@Font-Face Bugs

Occasionally we are asked to help troubleshoot odd issues with CSS and @font-face. Here are a few bugs we've uncovered...

Style Linking

Style linking is a somewhat confusing feature of the font-face spec. It is however very useful when working with a font family that has the four standard styles of regular, italic, bold and bold italic. When a family is style linked, we can refer to just one font name, "FamilyName", instead of each individual font style like "FamilyNameBoldItalic".