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Jacques & Gilles Font Poster
Jacques & Gilles Font Poster
Jacques & Gilles Font Poster
Jacques & Gilles Font Poster
Jacques & Gilles Font Poster

Jacques & Gilles is the most interesting hand-lettered font yet - due to it’s split personality.  This font is relatively small compared to other Emily Lime fonts.  And yet it packs a punch!

There are two “personalities” in this font. 
Jacques’ persona comes to life when typing in all lowercase letters. 
And Gilles’: when using all uppercase.
And the best part… Jacques and Gilles were made for each other.

J&G features 300+ glyphs including terminal letters, alternates, ordinals, roman numerals (I,V,X) and 2 sets of ornaments - 1 outline & 1 solid so you can create a cool, modern painted effect.

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Foundry: Emily Lime Design
Share: t f p
Released:April 10, 2012
Styles: Script, Modern Calligraphy
Licenses: Z W M m
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