Our January 29, 2016 issue of Font Faves features Yorkten from insigne Design, Cyntho Slab Pro from Mint Type, and Melany Lane from Yellow Design Studio.

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Fontspring: Font Faves Newsletter | January 29, 2016
Yorkten Poster
Yorkten Poster1 Yorkten Poster2
Yorkten Sample Text

Yorkten by Insigne Design is a fashionable, geometric sans with a grand total of 54 weights. If you need a flexible family that can be used in varying widths across an entire company’s documents, websites and apps, this is a fantastic choice.

Insigne Design


Cyntho Slab Pro Poster
Cyntho Slab Pro Poster1 Cyntho Slab Pro Poster2
Cyntho Slab Pro Sample Text

Speaking of geometric fonts, how about a geometric slab? A favorite of ours still for titling, Cyntho Slab Pro has enough charm at thin weights that you don’t need to stick with the big thick chunky weights to get anything done. Another winner by Mint Type.

Cyntho Slab Pro
Mint Type


Melany Lane Poster
Melany Lane Poster1 Melany Lane Poster2
Melany Lane Sample Text

Ryan Martinson of Yellow Design Studio gets a lot of recognition for his popular fonts like Veneer, Thirsty Script or Sant’Elia, but Melany Lane deserves just as much attention. A very clean and well proportioned script in an age of messy scripts, don’t discount its ability to bring a design to life.

Melany Lane
Yellow Design Studio


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