Our February 2016 issue of Font Faves features Core Sans A from S-Core, Lettres Douces from Emily Spadoni, and Bonnycastle from Three Islands Press.

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Fontspring: Font Faves Newsletter | February 10, 2016
Core Sans A Poster
Core Sans A Poster1 Core Sans A Poster2
Core Sans A Sample Text

Korean foundry, S-Core, built a string of sans-serif families to compete in popular genres. Core Sans A, a modern sans with a geometric feel, positions closely to Gotham and Proxima Nova. At 80% off right now, it's a steal you shouldn't miss.

Core Sans A

$31.99 $159.00

80% off until March 5th

Lettres Douces Poster
Lettres Douces Sample Text

A master of modern calligraphy, Emily Spadoni has many great fonts to her name. Lettres Douces was never a runaway success, but the font is delightful. Lots of extras, a fun feel, and the ability to easily add left or right swashes makes this a valuable font for any designer. Oh and did we mention it's only $15? It's only $15.

Lettres Douces
Emily Spadoni


Bonnycastle Poster
Bonnycastle Sample Text

Three Islands Press specializes in historical handwriting. The Bonnycastle font, based on the handwriting of an officer in the late 18th century, is no exception. It has that historic, revolutionary feel often needed for patriotic-themed designs.

Three Islands Press


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