Our April 2016 issue of Font Faves features Gentona from René Bieder, Modern Love from Resistenza.es, Workhorse from Borges Lettering & Design, and Lemon Serif from Type Department.

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Fontspring: Font Faves Newsletter | April 2016
Gentona Poster
Gentona Poster1 Gentona Poster2
Gentona Sample Text

Gentona is a contemporary sans that’s anchored in a traditional Swiss design. Built specifically for screens and small text sizes, Gentona fits just as well in an app or on a smartphone screen, as it would on a desktop screen on a webpage. It’s a lesser known font by René Bieder, and would make a fantastic corporate typeface.

René Bieder


Modern Love Poster
Modern Love Poster1 Modern Love Poster2
Modern Love Sample Text

If you’re looking for a brush script in a smaller family, Modern Love is a great choice. Including all the essentials you need, like rough textures or a hand drawn sans, this font is a perfect first choice when building out a toolbelt full of display fonts.

Modern Love


Workhorse Poster
Workhorse Poster1 Workhorse Poster2
Workhorse Sample Text

Workhorse proves that you don’t need a big family to offer flexibility. Useful for signage or any large display use, Workhorse has exactly as much as you need, with its rough version adding enough variation to build designs quickly and easily.

Borges Lettering & Design


Lemon Serif Poster
Lemon Serif Sample Text

While the entire Lemon family is great, Lemon Serif is an older style serif that would work as an alternate for the typical serif fonts you might see on your computer. No one expects you to swap out serif fonts, surprise them!

Lemon Serif
Type Department


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