Our May 2016 issue of Font Faves features Newcastle from FaceType, Wermut from Brownfox, and Idea from Eurotypo.

Font Faves Newsletter | May 2016

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Fontspring: Font Faves Newsletter | May 2016


Need your big blocky distressed sans to be extra wide as well? Then Newcastle by FaceType is the perfect font for you. It comes with the standard set of characters, plus shadows and lots of extra characters for super cheap. It’s a great place to start your hipster collection.




Brownfox makes their venture into the land of serif fonts with Wermut (German for Vermouth). Its dark color, compressed, spring-like shapes, well-built proportions, and agreeable letterforms all look safe enough until one is jolted to encounter the clipped serifs that lend the page an unexpected edgy appearance.




A brush script in the classic style, Idea by Eurotypo is perfect for getting a vintage vibe. There are a lot of brush scripts out there, so use a unique one and stand out! Idea also has a condensed version, which works really well when space is at a premium - a quality many brush fonts do not have.



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