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FONTFACE - The Fontspring Font Review

Fontspring Simplicity Now For Your Apps

App Font Licenses

Fontspring Simplicity Now For Your Apps and Ebooks.

In the past, if you wanted to license a font for your app, you really only had two choices: Use a commercial free font and hope that the font doesn't have any kerning/compatibility issues. Or, you could email back and forth with type designers, lawyers and distributors to find out which license you're covered under, or how much you need to pay for one. Those days are over! Fontspring now offers worry free app and ebook licenses. Buy the license for your app and it covers unlimited sales, platforms, and updates. Affordable? Try starting at $150. Easy? We dare you to find one elsewhere with less clicks, and less lawyerese reading. The future of app and ebook licenses is here.

Purchasing your app or ebook license is very similar to how you have always licensed fonts with Fontspring. Visit the font's page and click the drop down to change your selection from the default desktop/web-font choice, to application or ebook, then click add to cart.

To learn more about extended licensing visit our app license page.