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App Fonts from Fontspring

Upgrade your app with beautiful typography

The impact of a clean font cannot be overstated in design. It’s the glue that pulls everything together, it’s what conveys the information. Upgrade your application with high quality, affordable typography.

In A Nutshell

An application license allows you to embed the font files in your application code. This minimizes the need for images and allows your app to have more versatility and speed. Application licenses are limited by “Monthly Active Users” but one license covers unlimited apps, platforms, sales and upgrades. All of our licenses are perpetual, which means you pay once and use it forever.

Some vendors have chosen to sell application licenses based on app titles rather than the number of users using the app. In this case, if you’re producing a single application you need a single app license. This license will cover an unlimited number of users on any platform (and all future app upgrades) for a single app title.  Read License

Computer Games and Software

You can embed the fonts for use in computer software, including installable programs and games. One license is limited based on the Monthly Active Users that the software has, and allows unlimited apps on an unlimited number of platforms, upgrades included.

Mobile Apps

You can embed fonts for use in mobile applications and games. One license covers unlimited application titles on an unlimited number of platforms, and is limited by the Monthly Active Users of the apps, so developing multiple apps for both iOS and Android is fine.

Web Apps

You can embed the font in web-based applications that requre a browser to access. Web apps typically emulate the functionality of an installable program without needing to be installed, and don’t lend themselves to easy pageview monitoring.

Why Buy From Fontspring?


We go through every font license and flag any onerous requirements so you don't have to. A Worry-Free badge guarantees that the font license covers the most common rights and uses a typical designer would expect. Now you can browse fonts without your lawyer.

Fair Fonts

Fontspring loves our customers and our font designers. And we love customers who love font designers. We pay the highest royalty rates (70%) to our designers and our affiliates (17%). Buy your fonts from us and know that the people who deserve it are getting the largest cut of the sale.

Try Then Buy

Many of our fonts now have free demo versions. These demo fonts are fully installable versions of the font with a reduced character set. You can try the font in any program for testing and comping.

Kick-Ass Support

Font help is only a chat, email, phone call, or tweet away. Our unbelievably friendly and knowledgable support gurus are ready and able to assist in any issue, big or small. All you need to do is ask.

Our Application License is the Best!

With a Fontspring Application License, you know that your app can go on any platform, forever, for a single price. Whether you’re licensing for unlimited apps or a single app with unlimited usage, you’re getting a Worry-Free license. That means you can focus more time on making your app awesome, and not worrying about your font licensing. Fontspring has more fonts with more options for apps, and we want to make sure you have the freedom to use fonts how you want, without hidden restrictions or confusing limitations.

John Giardiniere

Font License Extraordinaire

John eats, sleeps, and breathes font licenses. There is no question too big or too small for him. If John can’t answer it, he has a great relationship with all our font designers. He’ll have the answer in a jiffy.

(302) 479-7922


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