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Many of our fonts now have free demo versions. These demo fonts are fully installable versions of the font with a reduced character set. You can try the font in any program for testing and comping.

In a nutshell

Demo fonts are offered in good faith to help you find the exact font for your project.

They are fully installable font files, able to be used in any software program for testing and comping purposes. They are not allowed to be used in a final project (whether personal or commercial) without purchasing a license.

Demo fonts include the basic Latin alphabet, most numbers and basic punctuation. OpenType features and extended language support have been removed.

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We go through every font license and flag any onerous requirements so you don't have to. A Worry-Free badge guarantees that the font license covers the most common rights and uses a typical designer would expect. Now you can browse fonts without your lawyer.


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Many of our fonts now have free demo versions. These demo fonts are fully installable versions of the font with a reduced character set. You can try the font in any program for testing and comping.


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Font help is only a chat, email, phone call, or tweet away. Our unbelievably friendly and knowledgable support gurus are ready and able to assist in any issue, big or small. All you need to do is ask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I actually allowed to use Demo Fonts for?

You can use Demo Fonts for anything, as long as usage remains a mock-up. This includes print, web, app, ebook, broadcast...seriously anything. As soon as the artwork moves from mock-up to final art, you’ll need to purchase an appropriate license, whether it’s for personal or commercial use.

Do you have Demo Fonts for every font?

Thousands of our fonts are available as Demo Fonts right now, but not our entire collection. However, new Demo Fonts are coming online all the time. If there’s a foundry you’re really hoping to get on board, you should let them know how much you love their fonts and want to try them yourself!

How many Demo Fonts can I download?

You can download as many Demo Fonts as you’d like. Please use them and try them. We don’t limit the number that you can download.

How long can I keep Demo Fonts installed?

You can keep Demo Fonts installed for as long as you need with no time restrictions. Keep them on hand to check in future projects without having to download them again.

I’m a student, can I use these?

Yes, as long as you use Demo Fonts within the bounds of a class project and not other personal or commercial work. When in doubt, send us an email!

Aren’t you afraid of people stealing these?

While we’re not afraid of “pirates,” we have modified the Demo Fonts to make them less valuable to would-be thieves. For instance, the number 4 is missing from every Demo Font. This doesn’t diminish its value to you as a designer, but does for someone wishing to steal it. People who think it’s OK to steal fonts and misuse font licenses are not our customers.

Do I have to install anything for Demo Fonts to work?

No, you don’t need to install any additional software to use the Demo Fonts. Unlike other font testing services, Demo Fonts don’t rely on us stealthily syncing them to your computer through software running in the background. At Fontspring, our trial fonts are just plain-vanilla font files that you install yourself and can use in any program, no additional software needed.

How Do I Find Demo Fonts?

Filtering Tools

You can easily show fonts with Demo licenses and take all the guesswork out of your font search.

Product Pages

On each family’s product page, there will be a download button near the top indicating if Demo Fonts are available.


Simply log into your account and agree to the terms of the Demo Font license to download and use the fonts!

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