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Choose from thousands of fonts for your HTML5 and digital ads with a Worry-Free digital ad license.

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Use on Third-Party Servers

Not limited to web sites you own.

Where a typical web font license limits you to domains and websites you (or your company) own, the Fontspring Digital Ad license removes this limitation and allows you to embed the fonts for use in digital ads hosted through a third party. The fonts are not allowed to be used on the websites or domains owned by someone else, only in digital ads hosted by someone else.

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Measured in Monthly Impressions

Only pay attention to one metric.

The Fontspring Digital Ad license is measured in monthly impressions, the number of times an ad with the font(s) embedded is shown on a webpage. You are allowed to use the font in an unlimited number of ads, provided you stay under the monthly impression limit. We have impression tiers for every size of company and ad campaign.

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Perpetual License

Pay once, use forever.

This license, along with all others Fontspring sells, is a perpetual license, meaning you pay once and you get to use the fonts forever with no recurring fees or periodic additional charges. When you add this license to your cart you’ll choose a monthly impression allotment and your license payment will guarantee you that monthly impression allotment forever.

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The Fine Print

We recommend reading the license text in full before purchase to make sure this license is the right fit for your project.

Read the Fontspring Digital Ad License

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