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Empower your designers with font purchasing and management features built specifically for teams.

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Faster Turnaround

Checkout instantly using your own license.

Shop our site with a license customized or created by your legal department. Once approved, it’ll be automatically available for all subsequent orders allowing your designers to go from idea to execution in minutes, not weeks.

It’s like your own personal store with à la carte, perpetual licenses!

Screenshot of the purchasing options modal listing a team’s custom licenses available for purchase.

Happier Designers

Empower your designers to buy fonts themselves.

Eliminate friction and increase productivity by empowering your designers to purchase fonts themselves using pre-approved licenses and pre-purchased credits.

This lets your designers keep working without interrupting a moment of inspiration to go talk with legal.

Screenshot of a product page with a notice indicating that the family can be purchased by the team using their pre-approved license.

Centralized Font Repository

One shared location for your team’s fonts & orders.

Access your team’s orders and fonts in one shared location, regardless of who purchased them. Give your team access too, without sharing or juggling passwords, and remove access just as easily.

Screenshot of the Your Fonts page showing a table of all the families the team has licensed.

Flexible Payments

Pre-pay with credits or invoice yourself to pay later.

In addition to our standard credit card and PayPal options, Fontspring Teams allows you to pre-pay using credits or invoice yourself to pay later.

Screenshot of the payment options available to teams during checkout with buttons labeled “Credit Card”, “Paypal”, “Company Credit”, and “Invoice ABC Corp.” The dollar amount of available credits is listed below.

Precise Team Management

Oversee who can purchase and download fonts.

Control what members may see and do, such as download shared fonts, purchase fonts, or add funds.

You could let your designers purchase fonts themselves or require they go through a manager. Either way, you have the flexibility to setup your Fontspring Team your way.

Screenshot of the control for changing a team member’s permissions. Formatted as a table with radio buttons labeled viewer, member, purchaser, admin, and custom as the columns and the permissions granted as the rows.

Ready to Get Started with Fontspring Teams?

First you need a standard Fontspring account.
Once signed in you can request a new Team account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up and using a team account is free! Customized licenses may cost more than standard licenses on the site, but using the service itself or management tools does not incur any fees.
No, you can order as few fonts as you want to sign up for a team account. Even if you’re just two people who buy a handful of fonts, you can sign up too.
Anything on our site can be customized and some usage not normally allowed like server licenses are available as well.
The easiest way is to just reach out! We’re happy to help by phone or e-mail, we love to answer these kinds of questions. We can even create a custom license that fits your use case specifically.
Over 90% of our library is available to be purchased with a customized license. You’ll see the available fonts clearly marked on their respective pages when logged in to any team member’s account.

Additional Questions?

With Fontspring you can expect a level of personal service only a small team like us can provide. In fact, the face next to the phone number is the person you’ll talk to, not some randomly selected photogenic employee. (Or worse, a stock image!)

Questions about Fontspring Teams? Need help with licensing?

Send us a message. We have years of experience assisting companies big and small navigate font licensing and would love to help you as well.

Have an idea for a new feature?

We’re all ears. The best ideas come from our customers. In fact, we built the original team system at a customer's request.

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John eats, sleeps, and breathes font licenses. There is no question too big or too small for him. If John can’t answer it, he has a great relationship with all our font designers. He’ll have the answer in a jiffy.

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