About Fontspring

Why Your Life is Better with Fontspring

Font Licensing Doesn’t Have To Suck

Fontspring is a unique font license distributor. Our goal is to make buying fonts easy. Font licensing can be so complex that licensors can't just focus on design, they have to navigate cumbersome EULAs and nuanced embedding permissions. This is not the case at Fontspring.

Fonts licensed from Fontspring are yours to use on as many projects as you like. No annual fee. Fontspring is taking the guesswork out of font licenses and making ethical font usage achievable by everyone. We're partnered with many of your favorite font foundries including Exljbris, Mark Simonson Studio, Canada Type, Shinntype and more.

Why Buy From Fontspring

Worry Free

We go through every font license and flag any onerous requirements so you don't have to. Worry free licenses allow all the uses that you expect so you can buy fonts without a lawyer present.

Fair Fonts

Fontspring loves our customers and our font designers. And we love customers who love font designers. We pay the highest royalty rates (70%) to our designers and our affiliates (17%). Buy your fonts from us and know that the people who deserve it are getting the largest cut of the sale.

Try Before You Buy

Many of our fonts now have free demo versions. These demo fonts are fully installable versions of the font with a reduced character set. You can try the font in any program for testing and comping.

Kick-Ass Support

Expert licensing and troubleshooting assistance is only a chat, email or phone call away. We pride ourselves on the support we provide. And if we fail to live up to your satisfaction, we will give you your money back.

Keeping it simple-stupid.

We’ve built our reputation around the idea that simplifying the
buying experience leads to happier clients and less frustration.

Roomy Pageview Tiers

Fontastic Four

We offer four off-the-shelf licenses that are perpetual and easy to understand. These include desktop, website, ebook and application licenses.

Stump Us

Have a custom scenario? No problem, we eat complicated licensing jobs for breakfast. Call us and we’ll get you the best price in the industry.

Roomy Tiers

Our webfonts allow for sizable pageview counts. No more self-policing yourself when your site grows. And, unlimited licenses are always an option.

Who is running this circus?

Brad Almond

Graphic Designer

Brent Fischer

Customer Support Guru

Carola Thompson

Font Librarian &
Master Spell Checker

Chris Heider

Chris Can Code Kinda Good

Dan leach

Lead Product Developer

Ethan Dunham

President &
Fooseball Champion

Joe Manbeck

Operations Director

John Giardinare

Custom License Expert &
Chief Coffee Maker

The Bottom Line

We make sense

All of the fonts on our website have very similar licenses. ALL of our licenses are commercial, and NONE of our licenses are sold by subscription. When you shop at Fontspring, you know what you are going to get. Buy it and use it... it’s that simple.

We Care

Whether it be finding the perfect font or getting a particular web font optimized, we are only an email away. If you ever need us, you’ll be amazed at the service you receive from us... not because we have to, or want you to tweet about us (although that is always nice), but because we care about you.