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The Project

In order to give you an accurate and speedy quote, we need to know a bit of information about the project(s) the fonts will be used in and the company that owns the product.

This license is for companies that sell products that their customers can customize on their website, most often invitations, greeting cards, T-shirts, etc. Other distributors sometimes refer to this as a Server License but we call it a Product Creation License because we think that makes more sense. Like our other licenses, these are perpetual, and don’t limit the number of products you can create.

This license is for PDFs or other digital files with embedded fonts that are created by one designer and then edited by their customers post-purchase. Common scenarios are for invitations or greeting cards where a customer will edit the details of the event in the PDF. This usage falls under a Product Creation license, which like our other licenses is perpetual and covers you for unlimited invitations.

Standard licenses can be easy and convenient, but sometimes you need a license or order tailored to your individual and specific needs. That could mean language changed in a license, or multiple licenses combined in one, all the way up to a full “360 License” that covers every aspect of font usage.

If you’re turning fonts into individual letter shapes and selling them as a pack or individually you need what we call an “Analog Distribution License.” A single license lasts forever!

Some desktop licenses require an additional custom license for broadcast use, so the first thing to do is read your EULA to make sure it’s not included there first. If you’re not sure, ask us! We’re happy to answer that for you.

Custom broadcast licenses can depend on a few factors and apply to a specific show or movie. Like all our licenses, they’re perpetual!

Some project are so unique, they don’t fit into typical categories. We thrive on those! John is our font licensing expert and he’s only an email or phone call away. If you prefer to call, you won’t get a phone tree. Just ask for John.


The Nitty Gritty

For example, will this be on YouTube, television, in a commercial, or all of the above? If you aren’t sure, that’s OK too.

For example, what is the product and where will it be sold? Are the font shapes one of the primary selling points of the product?

Your company name or your client’s company name.

What is the website domain or URL of the company that owns the project that the fonts will be used in?

How many employees does the company (the licensee of the fonts) have?

If you have a lot of products, give us a few examples.

Briefly describe your company. What do you do? What regions do you operate in? How many employees do you have? Etc.


The Fonts

What font(s) are you interested in licensing? If you’re not quite sure what you want, let us know a category you’re exploring, or if you really have no idea, you can ask for help choosing here.




Anything else?

Is there anything else we should know in order to give you a fast and accurate quote?