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We promise to take care of you and your audience. We try to treat everyone the way we want to be treated: with kindness, common-sense, and fairness. The first step is rewarding you with an industry leading, whopping 70% royalty rate with no strings attached.

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Who Can Participate With Fontspring

Any Type Designer solely responsible for the design of their font(s), or with permission from the owner can participate with Fontspring.

Why Sell Fonts Through Fontspring


  1. Commercial Licensing. We don’t sell any personal use only licenses.

  2. Webfont Licensing. Fontspring does not sell fonts without an @font-face licensing option unless the font is not suitable for web use.

  3. Reasonable Licensing. Your licensing requirements must be understandable, attainable by everyone—from a new font user to a seasoned website designer—and “worry-free”. Fontspring customers continually tell us they appreciate that they know what to expect when they purchase from us. This has become a part of our DNA and we want to keep it that way.

  4. CFF OpenType or TrueType fonts.

About Fontspring

Fontspring started during the era when the font world was being turned upside down by the newfound idea of web fonts; there was much discussion about pricing models and implementation. Most of these proposed models were complicated, cumbersome and confusing. Fontspring had a different approach: You pay for a license once, and don't have to worry about it again…

Fontspring’s approach to licensing caught on quickly and we became instrumental in bringing @font-face to widespread use by making web fonts affordable and reliable for end users, and achievable for type-designers. We believe that our no non-sense approach makes it attainable for end users to abide by the licenses, encourages future license sales, converts “free-font users” to customers for you, and fosters good-will between you and our customers. We are not trying to steal sales. We are making the pie bigger by converting “free-font users” to customers.