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Who can participate with Fontspring

Any font designer solely responsible for the design of their font(s), or with permission from the owner can participate with Fontspring.

Why sell fonts through Fontspring

  • One-stop font shopping. 790 vendors keep us stocked with over 142,000 fonts in 24,000+ families and growing.

  • Easy to use webfonts. The webfonts come with all the code a designer needs to plug the @fonts into their site. Users can log in and download different subsets at any time.

  • Favorites & Tags. Users can flag any family as a favorite. Unlike other distributors, we hand tag fonts, not families, and we don't allow customers to tag your products.

    Our custom tags are based on what people actually search for, and what they end up buying, combined with traditional keywords from the font community. The improved accuracy of our tags has made browsing fonts a lot more fun and a lot more productive.

  • Simplicity. Users feel confident that when they browse and purchase your licenses, they know what they are going to get.

  • Customer Support. Fontspring provides outstanding customer service.

  • Access to previous purchases.

  • Great Royalty Rates. Fontspring pays a 50% royalty on every self-serve, online marketplace font sale. You will earn an additional bonus royalty of 35% on sales of fonts released in the previous 30 days.

  • Awesome Vendor Tools. From managing your fonts, creating sales and promotions and tracking sales analytics, we consistently hear from our vendors that our tools are the best.

  • Automatic webfont generation. You give us your CFF OpenType or TrueType fonts and we will prepare the webfonts for you.

  • Hard to steal webfonts. We’ve developed a method to create webfonts that completely disables them for desktop use. They are also stripped of OpenType features and subset to a small character set. It is challenging to reverse engineer these for desktop use.

  • Goodwill. Fontspring fosters goodwill between you and your end users. Because of our common sense, reasonable licensing, our customers trust foundries that distribute with us.

  • Flexible licensing. You have control over licensing fees for both desktop and additional licenses. And you can use your license or ours. It doesn’t matter.


  1. Commercial Licensing. We don’t sell any personal use only licenses.

  2. Webfont Licensing. Fontspring does not sell fonts without an @font-face licensing option unless the font is not suitable for web use.

  3. Reasonable Licensing. Your licensing requirements must be understandable, attainable by everyone—from a new font user to a seasoned website designer—and “worry-free”. Fontspring customers continually tell us they appreciate that they know what to expect when they purchase from us. This has become a part of our DNA and we want to keep it that way.

  4. CFF OpenType or TrueType fonts.