Enterprise Font Licensing

Licenses beyond the traditional scope of our ‘off-the-shelf’ licenses

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world’s top brands.

Endless Desktops

One client needed a desktop license for over 40,000 users. We gave them an incredible quote and the deal was sealed.

Branding Power

We delivered a 360° license for a major auto brand that gave them flexibility to design anything without ever talking to us again.

Consumer Apps

Embedding fonts in mobile apps is hot. One firm needed a bunch to allow their users to customize photos. No problem!

Custom Products

Another client wanted customers to design their own products with our fonts. An email or two later, she’s in business.

Custom Font Licensing?
As easy as pie.

Our terms are easy to grok, and never time-limited or based on resource-draining subscriptions.

Are you having trouble navigating the complexity of font licensing? The landscape can be difficult to negotiate if your needs go beyond mere desktop installation. We work hand-in-hand with each of our clients to match their needs with a reasonable license.

Below are some examples of uses that require a custom license. If you aren’t sure what you need, or are interested in a custom license, feel free to reach out to us and we will discuss your needs and walk you through the licensing process.

Analog Distribution

You (the End User) create alphabet or letterform products such as stamps, house numbers, or label maker where the font itself is the primary or one of the primary selling points of the product and the user of the product can create their own typesetting.

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Product Creation

You (the End User) own a website or application which allows your customers to customize, proof and purchase creations such as, but not limited to invitations, napkins, keychains, stamps, magnets, mugs, trophies, plaques, lunch boxes, t-shirts, business cards and other physical items where licensed font is used in the design of the final product.

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OEM Embedding

You manufacture a device such as a printer, television panel, phone, etc. and embed the licensed font as the resident font in the device.

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Website Template

A website publishing platform license allows you (the End User) to offer your users website templates with typography options, including the licensed fonts in their websites. The websites must be hosted on the same server and the your customers must not have access to their website files. If the template site files were ever moved, you would be required to keep the licensed fonts and the your customer would need to purchase a separate license. All Fontspring licenses are perpetual, which means you pay once and use it forever.

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