Our May 2016 issue of Fontspring Five highlights five foundries that are new to Fontspring: Emigre, Joshua Mauldin, Type Department, JC Design Studio, and Great Lakes Lettering.

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Fontspring: Fontspring Five Newsletter | May 2016


This month we're highlighting five foundries that are new to Fontspring. Some of them are brand new to fonts themselves and some of them have been churning out hits for years, but they all make great additions to the ever-growing Fontspring library.


Emigre is a new foundry to us, but not new to the font world at all. Founded in 1984, Emigre has been making digital typefaces just about as long as digital typefaces have existed. Known for popular fonts like Mrs Eaves and Vista Sans, among many others, Emigre makes a perfect addition to the Fontspring catalog.


$Mrs Eaves, Vista Sans, Mr Eaves, and 71 more families


A newcomer to the font world, Joshua Mauldin joins Fontspring with just one font, Uptown Sans. It’s a great specimen as a first font though, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with next!

Joshua Mauldin

$Uptown Sans


We’re always recommending good sans and serif pairings and no one understands that importance more than Type Department. Their first two fonts are Lemon Sans and Lemon Serif, beautiful fonts in their own right, but even more beautiful when paired together. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! P.S. Our name recommendation involves grapefruit.

Type Department

$Lemon Sans and Serif


Another newcomer to the world of fonts, JC Design Studio joins us with his first font, Monrad. A flexible sans with lots of features and a super attractive price tag? Sold.

JC Design Studio



We can’t get enough of fancy scripts and fun hand-drawn fonts, and Great Lakes Lettering brings both of those in spades. Simple and elegant fonts along with minimalist designs for posters, we think they’re a winner. Start with Pen Swan and Kailey, if you need some suggestions.

Great Lakes Lettering

$Asterism, Velvet Hammer, Frosted, and 10 more families.

the fine print

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