Lullabies definitely qualifies to be underlined. It is obvious: “Just about everyone should buy this font!”.

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | August 2, 2016

Pick up this dandy for only $14.50!

Lullabies Poster

Often, when we look at a new font on Fontspring, we ask ourselves “Who should we recommend this font to?" The answer varies. Often the font is niche, or would work better in print, or is priced specifically for the business crowd. Sometimes a font comes along however, where the answer is obvious: “Just about everyone should buy this font!”.

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Lullabies Poster

Lullabies by Yellow Design Studio is one of those fonts. It's the perfect combination of unique, usable, and affordable. It has your heavier, very stylized weights which work great for big signs, but it also has 2 text weights with alternates which remain very legible. With just a few fonts, you have everything you need to put together all kinds of posters, ads, signs, websites, you name it!

Lullabies Poster

You get all of that usability and style for just $14.50. I'd tell you that's less than a few lattes, but let's be honest, you're not giving up your latte. You probably have that much change hiding in your office couches, or in your sock drawer at home.

Lullabies Poster

All in all, it's rare that we recommend a font universally, but this fits the bill. Buy it, use it, send us pictures.

Lullabies Poster
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