Didonesque from Paulo Goode is a modern take on the modern serif genre, a luxurious display typeface perfect for headlines and brand packaging.

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | January 26, 2017

Didonesque - a Modern Take on a Modern Serif

Didonesque Poster

Typography is a medium that constantly pulls from its past. Designers often look back on previous typefaces and use older designs to influence the fonts of today. Some font designers are better at this than others, and in this case, Paulo Goode shows a great reverence for didone fonts of the past with his new release Didonesque.

Pick up the Didonesque family for $49

Didonesque Poster
Didonesque Sample Text

Didonesque draws inspiration from its older didone siblings like Bodoni or Didot, but with some modern flair. For example, it has a higher x-height than your average didone, making it more readable on screens at smaller sizes. It also has a really nice curve to the lowercase w, v, and y characters, which gives it even more subtle character. Finally, it includes all the extra glyphs you’ve come to expect of newly release fonts, like extensive language support, small caps, petite caps, discretionary ligatures, and more!

Didonesque Poster

Didonesque is a display font at heart and thus makes a great header for your story or centerpiece for your magazine spread. Perhaps better still, it makes a great packaging font, as displayed on our posters. You can also see some beautiful examples of the font in use by heading to didonesque.com, a microsite built by Paulo to highlight the font’s many uses.

Didonesque Poster

Didonesque is a font you need in your toolbelt. You can make some truly stunning contemporary images that are grounded in history. Not convinced? Go check out the free weight available and get designing! You’ll fall in love and complete the family in no time.

Didonesque Poster

Grab the Didonesque family for $49

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