Brother 1816 - A 16 font geometric sans a humanist bent and its complementary printed sibling all in one affordable package! What else could you want?

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | March 23, 2017

Brother 1816 - 2 Great Styles For One Low Price

Brother 1816 Poster

We sell a lot of “Design Kits” - families that include multiple genres of fonts within the family. They’re great because contained within one family you get different styles of fonts that serve a multitude of purposes. It also means, though, that each style is underrepresented when it comes to the number of weights or variations you get. As a result, you can put a design together very quickly with these diverse families, but your customization of that style can be lacking.

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Brother 1816 Poster
Brother 1816 Sample Text

Brother 1816 by Tipotype takes a different approach. It pairs two styles together, a geometric sans with a roughly-outlined display sans, then expands each of those ideas into a fully fleshed out 8 weight, 16 font family. The result is a family you can pair together well with the added flexibility that you don’t normally get from the broader design kit trend.

Brother 1816 Poster

First you have the sans serif version, which would be worth featuring all by itself in this newsletter. It’s a geometric sans with some humanist elements, and a clean set of outlines perfect for web or app embedding, magazines, billboards, you name it. It can work as a text font, but that’s not its main strength. The variation and style each character has lends it much more to being blown up and shown in large sizes. The weights focus on the thicker and thinner ends of the spectrum, giving you more options specifically for display use.

Brother 1816 Poster

Not only do you get that sans, which would be enough on its own, you also get a printed version. A font-for-font match to the sans family, it has similar proportions and curves, but now instead of sharp angles, you have blunted ends thanks to its rough outline. It’s perfectly suited for modern designs, where you already see vintage roughness mixed with clean, contemporary styles.

Brother 1816 Poster

Put them all together and you have two fonts that you know will pair well, each of them perfectly usable in their own right. You also have a suite of extras, like stylistic alternates, angular and straight edges, swashes, ordinals and more! Not to sound like a TV salesman, but that’s a huge value all for $37.99. Even if you just need the sans, it’s well worth that value, so you can think of the Printed version like a free add-on.

Brother 1816 Poster

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