Five amazing new families from W Foundry - Fuse, Fuse V.2, Kappa, Ulises, and Gardenia - provide something for everyone, with multiple styles and flavors, each one designed with care and skill.

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | March 30, 2017

Five Amazing New Families from W Foundry!

Kappa Poster

Every so often a month has five Thursdays. When that happens, we put together a special edition of Underlined where we stretch our wings and try something different. Today we’re doing that by focusing on a whole foundry, one that's been part of Fontspring for a while, “W Foundry.” If you’re wondering why, it’s because we have five awesome new font families from them. They’re all highly usable, they’re all beautiful, and they’re all on sale. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

Fuse V.2  Poster
Fuse V.2  Sample Text

First we have Fuse and its sister font, Fuse V.2. Both are slightly humanist fonts with a more geometric bent; more related to a “Meta” than your normal Helvetica or Proxima Nova style text fonts. I really like Fuse V.2 in particular, which is a softer and friendlier version that the original, with slightly rounded corners. Fonts that aren’t very round but just slightly rounded can be very effective now as text fonts on higher DPI screens, bringing some warmth to your designs and making them less corporate feeling.

Kappa Poster
Kappa Sample Text

Then there’s Kappa, which takes the geometric style with narrower proportions and runs with it. I should take a moment here to mention that many of these fonts have 2 sets of styles, a “text” and a “display” style. I think Kappa really benefits from the “display” style especially, it’s got enough character to make headlines pop. If you want clean headlines and display work, this is the font for you.

Ulises Poster
Ulises Sample Text

Taking a step out of “sans world” we go to Ulises. Ulises is a modern slab serif font, but its serifs are thinner than your typical slab. This blurs the lines between older styles serifs and the purely modern slabs. The result is a font that looks equally good starting off a corporate headline as it does filling the text of a cookbook. The thin and heavy weights especially have their own character and work great for branding.

Gardenia Poster
Gardenia Sample Text

Finally we have Gardenia, a display sans through and through. Rounder and bouncier than even Fuse V.2, it will inject some fun if you blow it up big and add it to your design. While it has a fun appearance, it’s still a sans first and foremost, so it has the legibility you need when your message is important.

All in all, these are 5 font families that you could get some serious use out of, and thanks to their sales, you can buy all of them for the full price of a single family! W Foundry has some real talent, and we’re excited to see where they go from here.

Fuse Poster
Fuse Sample Text

Grab any of these font families for a great low price!

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