Limon - A modern and flexible design kit, featuring scripts, display serifs, and dingbats for an attractive price!

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | June 8, 2017

Limon - A flexible and modern design kit!

Limon Poster

Limon is one of Fontspring's newest font design kits. Unfamiliar with the term? Design kits are font families consisting of a variety of different yet complementary font styles all meant to coordinate together in a cohesive design. Many font designers are creating these sets but Typesenses delivers something special here. Limon is both beautiful and useful. You will find it extremely handy and time-saving.

Pick up this 16 font family for under $90

Limon Poster
Limon Sample Text

It starts like many other kits do, with a script. Limon has a more traditional casual script look, and has gone for the older, more legible cursive style rather than the latest modern calligraphy fonts that look like they’re drawn with a rough pen. The differences start right away however, with an outline and fill version of the script. This is not something you find too often.

Limon Poster

From there we have display serif faces, one of them styled after a drawing done with a marker, and one of them styled like the old didone faces. They fit different uses, one looks much more handmade than the other. Both have what’s important though: contrast. Not only do they contrast the script well, but they also come with outline and fill versions, allowing you more flexibility, especially when it comes to color combinations.

Limon Poster

Overall, Limon is a flexible and easy to use font family that will help you stand out from other modern designs. Use its fun and bouncy characters to make a beautiful sign for your organic produce store, put some of the dingbats and scripts in for your spring wedding invitation, or just use the unique didone with the fill option to create new variations on classic designs. For all of these reasons, I think that Limon is part of a second wave of design kits, and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Limon Poster

Grab this 16 font family for under $90

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