Antipasto Pro - A contemporary sans and dingbat family from Zetafonts, perfect for futuristic and modern designs.

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | June 22, 2017

Antipasto - Contemporary Sans & Dingbat Combo

Antipasto Poster

We talk a lot about text fonts on Fontspring, and that’s for one very good reason: they’re incredibly popular! Having a font you can use for any brand identity can be alluring, and fonts with subtle variation work just about anywhere, while still giving some interest. However, a good designer knows they can’t stick to the same text fonts forever. That’s when you need to start venturing into the more display focused fonts, like Antipasto by Zetafonts.

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Antipasto Poster
Antipasto Sample Text

Antipasto is a display font with a specific niche. It gives you a very clean, contemporary, almost futuristic look. It combines the friendliness of rounded fonts with a stark cleanliness suitable for any modern company. It’s the perfect font when you need to both get across a style, but also get out of the way for the flashier design elements. Need a contemporary font that matches but doesn’t overwhelm your gorgeous product images? Antipasto is your answer.

Antipasto Poster

What really gives Antipasto an advantage over other similar fonts though is its extensive dingbat catalogue. Many fonts these days will throw in some basic banners or stamp outlines to help make signage, but Antipasto goes above and beyond that with extensive dingbats that match almost every weight of the regular font. This lets you pair dingbat elements with different weights to create a cohesive design quickly and easily.

Antipasto Poster

This great looking font and all the dingbats that come with it is only $37.50 for the entire family. That makes Antipasto the perfect font when you need to add some display focused sans fonts to your catalogue. Even if you only use it on a handful of projects, you’ve made something unique without sinking hundreds on the type alone. Not only that, a few weights are free, so go try it out today!

Antipasto Poster

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