Three featured fonts from Rook Design Supply Co - Freshly Squeezed, Revelstoke, and Westmount, essential design pieces priced just right. We couldn't pick just one!

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | August 10, 2017

Three Fresh Fonts from Rook Design Supply Co

This week, when picking fonts for Underlined, we came across multiple great fonts from the same designer, and couldn’t decide which to highlight. So we decided to do the obvious thing and highlight all the ones we like! Rather than focusing on a single font, today we’re going to talk about Rook Design Supply Co, run by Greg Nicholls.

Rook Design Supply Co Poster

Nicholls does some things with his foundry that make him ideal for graphic designers new to the industry. First, he keeps the families simple. The fonts are all single style fonts and the families are small. This gives you the essential design pieces, without an overwhelming amount of extra fonts. Second, he makes those font families incredibly affordable. No 90% off sales here that you can miss; he prices the families at just $16 each. Finally, he makes some fantastic posters in multiple styles that show you the breadth of what you can do with his fonts.

Freshly Squeezed Poster
Freshly Squeezed Sample Text

Now onto some of the fonts! The first font that really grabbed our attention was Freshly Squeezed, a hand drawn font perfect for everything from food advertising to kids books. It might be a hand drawn font, but it has a brush script feel, and we can’t get enough of the thicker letters. The styling also couldn’t be easier, with regular, all caps, and alternate versions for more options in your designs.

Revelstoke Poster
Revelstoke Sample Text

Revelstoke is a Grunge font with harder edges that also comes with a non-grunge version of each letter, so you can mix your levels of roughness. It’s not quite as distressed as some of the other options available, and it even includes a condensed weight so you can fit more text into your designs. Simple, clear, and modern, you really can’t go wrong with this font.

Westmount Poster
Westmount Sample Text

Finally, we have Westmount. We really like this font because the built in wide spacing makes it incredibly clear that it’s supposed to be used for display. When you have a lot of space to cover, or if you are into logos, this is when you bust out Westmount. For newer designers this is a great way to start off strong with your designs!

Westmount Poster

Rook Design Supply Co is a foundry that knows its strengths and focuses on them. We can’t wait to see what they come out with next. Guaranteed it will be useful and affordable.

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