Four featured fonts from W Foundry - Nutmeg, Ulises, Becky, and Paprika, priced so low we just had to spread the glad tidings!

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | November 23, 2017

W Foundry - Ahead of the Curve

W Foundry Poster

In our last edition of Underlined, we featured Cenzo Flare from W Foundry. Since then, they’ve knocked down prices on plenty of their other font families, and in the spirit of Black Friday, these deals are too good to ignore. So this week, we’ll explore how W Foundry has mastered the art of the curve.

Nutmeg Poster
Nutmeg Sample Text

First, let’s look at Nutmeg, a soft geometric sans. The dramatic tails and distinct curves found throughout the lowercase letters give this font a friendly sense of motion. Meanwhile, the clean geometric forms keep it readable in body copy.

Ulises Poster
W Foundry Sample Text

Ulises takes that friendly motion into the realm of serifs. Zoom in on these letterforms and you’ll find stunning arcs, rounded serifs, strategic ink traps, and plenty of other humanist touches.

Becky Poster
Becky Sample Text

For a bit more whimsy, take a close look at Becky, a beautiful bowlegged sans. We dare you to find a right angle or straight vertical line in this streamlined family. The waviness in the Y and the hairpin turns in the lowercase letters pack a playful punch.

Paprika Poster
Paprika Sample Text

Last but not least, W Foundry’s newest addition is Paprika. Gorgeous curves and carefree swashes abound in this modern calligraphic script. Though not currently discounted, the low price is still an undeniably great deal, perfect for this holiday season.

W Foundry Poster

We’ve only scratched the surface of what W Foundry has to offer. We encourage you to check out their other fantastic font deals during their storewide sale, now through December 24th.

Grab any of these font families for a great price!

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