Autor - A clean, sharp sans family from Latinotype

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | November 30, 2017

Autor - Straight to the Point

Autor Poster

This month, Latinotype released the latest addition to their stunning lineup: the Autor family. With crisp angles and a generous x-height, Autor gets down to business like a sharp knife through butter.

Pick up this 14 font family for just $30!

Autor Poster
Autor Sample Text

Like any great sans serif, Autor will get the message across without distracting the reader along the way. Nonetheless, we hope you’ll take a second look to appreciate its fine craftsmanship. The medium contrast gives it a smooth sense of rhythm and the pinched curves add subtle depth.

Autor Poster

Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge those angled terminals. This is where Autor really shines. The lowercase t is a good case in point, not to mention the snappy-looking lowercase g. Even the lowercase l has a bit of an edge.

Autor Poster

With seven weights plus italics, you won’t be short on styling options. Since the Autor family is so clean and sharp, it’s perfectly suited for both display and body text.

Autor Poster

Latinotype has cut the price tag for the complete Autor family, so you can pick it up for 85% off during their introductory offer, now through December 21st.

Grab this 14 font family for only $30!

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