TT Severs from TypeType - First on Fonstpring

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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | April 25, 2018

TT Severs - First on Fontspring

TT Severs Poster

Earlier this year, Fontspring had the privilege to be the first font distributor to offer TT Commons. This week, we are proud to present another brand new geometric grotesque sans serif family from TypeType. TT Severs is making its debut through Fontspring for a special introductory price before it becomes available anywhere else.

Pick up this 18 font family for under $30!

TT Severs Poster
TT Severs Sample Text

TT Severs has more unique style than your typical sans. For one, you’ll notice the stylized internal shapes. The oval and bracket forms combine curves with corners, mimicking traditional Arabic writing. These give the letterforms a bit of “muscle.”

TT Severs Poster

In addition, there are plenty of other features that make TT Severs distinct. The squared-off terminals serve to balance out both the angular and rounded elements. The ever-so-subtle stroke contrast and strategic ink traps are pleasant details that keep the letterforms interesting.

TT Severs Poster

Needless to say, these details shine when TT Severs is used in a large heading, but they aren’t a distraction to the reader when used in longer blocks of text.

TT Severs Poster

TypeType has proven themselves to be a quality foundry with a rapidly growing catalog of best-selling fonts. They also don’t shy away from offering amazing deals and TT Severs is no exception. This versatile 18 font family is currently available through Fontspring for just $29.70 (that’s a whopping 78% off), so now is the perfect time to add this to your collection!

Grab this 18 font family for under 30!

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