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Fontspring: Underlined Newsletter | November 8, 2018

Brandon Grotesque Condensed - First on Fontspring

Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster

Since its original release in 2010, the Brandon Grotesque family from HVD Fonts has only increased in popularity. From its lasting hold within Fontspring’s top ten best-sellers to its prominent screen time in the NBC comedy series, The Good Place, this geometric sans is a go-to for many designers. With a low x-height and subtle rounded corners, the entire Brandon family has a recognizable look while still feeling clean and legible. Not only does it deserve its top ten status, it has become part of the modern typography zeitgeist.

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Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster
Brandon Grotesque Condensed Sample Text

Eight years later, HVD Fonts is releasing their newest bundle of joy: Brandon Grotesque Condensed. Fontspring is proud to be the first to offer this new 12 font family containing six weights and italics.

Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster

Brandon Grotesque Condensed has all the warmth and elegance you’d come to expect from its name. Its slim profile was designed from scratch so it still looks balanced and natural. Brandon Grotesque Condensed fits right in as a complement to the rest of the Brandon collection, but also works great as a standalone font.

Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster

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Brandon Grotesque Condensed Poster

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